These are some examples of past projects that show the various things we do. We're always up for new ideas and custom projects as we have a large network of trusted, talented people we work with. 

Festival arcade / august 2019 / dark horse festival / building an arcade in a barn
Custom Games for Weddings

We took a massive set up to Dark Horse Festival on the Isle of Man in the summer of 2019. We were packed with young people all day and their parents in the evenings. It went great and gave us a huge boost in our aims to take video games to more festivals. Have a look at some feedback here from a load of people who were at the festival.

QBLERT / mid 2019, LEMON DRIZZLE CONSULTANTS / software and installation creation
Custom Games for Weddings

Q*Blert is a collaboration with Lemon Drizzle Consultants to make an interactive market research arcade cabinet that films and records people's answers to different questions. We supplied the software, design and arcade cabinet. This was a project for the Sussesx Wildlife Trust. Future iterations will contain a playable game and an achievement and points system to encourage people to talk more in depth on the questions. We aim for it to be able to be used for any market research as a stand alone experience.

MINE / FEB 2019 / ARTSDEPOT / LONDON / design lead
Custom Games for Weddings

MINE was an exhibition on Minecraft alongside a show that was touring at Arts Depot. We took on the design role for the exhibition with a brief to decorate the space, guide people to the exhibition and make the LAN setup of gaming computers look good. We designed everything based on a facilitated workshop that brought in young people to engage in what Minecraft means to them. Everything was designed in our office then printed and cut and delivered ready to piece together.

Custom Games for Weddings

Our whole project started by making arcade machines out of cardboard. Since then we've become really interested in how to make tech look nice when on display. Often when people show games, pc's, monitors etc. at public events it's either in a very expensive kiosk or as it is with the mess of leads and equipment often not leading to an aesthetically pleasing experience. 

The Vaporcade was a project that looked at using correx plastic, designed in house then printed, cut and sent ready to assemble to any venue. The research led into our first project above with Arts Depot and now gives us a cheap way to make full customisable installations for any event or tech.

The theme itself is based on the Solo Jazz Cup, an often used insignia of the vaporwave movement and lead to our first Viral post on Instagram through a couple of different accounts totalling 20000 views.

wedding arcade / 2018 / our first custom game / a world first
Custom Games for Weddings

For the wedding of Jonny & Jade we did a world first (from our limited oinline research) and made a custom game and arcade machine for their wedding. The game was a 2d pixel art mario style game which was set in the spot they got engaged and featured their cat, daughter and a groom desperately trying to get the ring to a bride. If you look on our wedding games page it'll tell you where we are at with the project and the new stuff we're offering this year.


emf festival / 2017 / arcade in shipping containers
Custom Games for Weddings

We ran the arcade at the excellent Emf Camp for a whole weekend inside a couple of shipping containers. With neon lighting, custom retro lightboxes and a load of games to play. This is an example of the various spaces we can put the arcade especially if you want something water proof that can be put down anywhere.

Custom Games for Weddings

We've taken the arcade to the V&A Museum twice now with the latest being a part of the opening for their exhibition on video games. 

RoYal museum of cornwall / 2017 / LONG TERM GAMING EXHIBITION
Custom Games for Weddings

This was our first long term installation in a public space. We learned a lot about making the work public proof. We were specifically asked to make a custom eight button board for the game chicken jump which we usually have jump pads for but the floor wasn't quite up to it!

retro mini arcade boxes / raspberry pi research
Custom Games for Weddings

We've been making custom mini arcade boxes using small screens and raspberry pi's. These boxes can be cheaply made and customised in any style / game. They're also a way for us to bring more retro gaming into the fold in a really cheap way as we don't need to assemble them on sight and they are easy to pack.  We've been getting people asking for specific games that they used to play as kids and it's a really fun way to get those nostalgic vibes. We shied away from retro games for awhile as it's done a lot and there are so many good indie games made for local multiplayer out there that most of the public haven't played we wanted to focus on that. But it feels good to be now bringing some of these classic experiences to our setup.

twitch streaming machines
Custom Games for Weddings

For this project we experimented with live streaming by putting a camera in the cabinet that is streaming on twitch so as people play the arcade machine there is footage of the game and the people playing it streaming.  We also made a little homage version to Grimmmz who was the first streamer Mike got into.

different spaces 2016 - 2018
Custom Games for Weddings

These are some pictures from different venues and spaces we've put the arcade over the last few years. Underneath train stations, in shipping containers at festivals, in a marquee by a river in Exeter.  

video game party the show / 2015 onward / combining comedy with video games live
Custom Games for Weddings

Over the years when we have taken the arcade places we've often brought our performance and comedy backgrounds in and mixed it up with some good old fashioned team sports. At a range of events we've got crowds cheering  along just formed teams in simple to play video games.  With an over enthusiastics sports style caster who keeps calling this the 'field of dreams' with no one getting the reference.