Orders from 14/12/21 onward may not be shipped until the New Year!

I love the cassette format. Easily collectible and storable, they look awesome and can also be played on the move unlike vinyl. You will see two types of cassette on here; my Ultimate Edition and Normal Edition tapes. The main difference is my U.E has on tape printing.

All have the music recorded in lossless quality on new tapes. Most of my cassettes are released as drops that sell out pretty fast or pre orders. If you've only just found me I wil be doing re stocks of old stuff as my audience grows so keep an eye out on my Insta or join my mailing list (get notified a day earlier than insta of restocks and new drops).  Some stuff comes back, some stuff doesn't.

US and EU Standard shipping is free when buying 4 or more tapes. UK is free  when buying 3 or more tapes. Orders over £100 get an additional 10% discount on top of the free shipping. 


Anyone purchasing VHS and Cassettes together I'll refund the extra shipping that gets put on for the cassettes (around £3 - £6) as shopify can't figure that out yet for me.

UK shipping is £2 for up to three tapes and free above that. Rest of the world is £4 (2 - 10 weeks) up to 3 tapes and free above that. Express (1 week) is £5.65 up to 3 tapes 4 or 5 tapes is £8.10 6 tapes and up is £5.